Poplar Bluff PD: Be skeptical when dealing with phone scams

POPLAR BLUFF, MO (KAIT) – Police are warning residents of multiple developing phone scams that vary in the means they try to defraud residents.

The Poplar Bluff Police Department has recently received a number of reports of someone trying to deceive citizens by phone.

Although there are many different methods these people have tried to scam residents, the police have noticed there are two most common calls.

One of the calls residents receive, the scammer claims to be a debt collector. The scammers threaten to ruin the victim's credit, embarrass them publicly, or have them arrested if they don't send money through a wire or prepaid debit.

The other most common call residents have received comes from a scammer who claims the person has won a lottery or sweepstakes. The scammer offers to send a check, instructing the victim to cash the check and wire the money back to the scammer.

In a news release to Region 8 News, Captain David Sutton with the Poplar Bluff Police Department said,

"As always, the Poplar Bluff Police Department encourages our citizens to be skeptical in dealing with unsolicited phone calls; particularly anyone asking (or demanding) that you send them money.  If you are contacted by these criminals, hang up; if they call back, don't answer their calls or talk with them.  If the calls persist, contact your phone carrier to ask have the number blocked."

Police wants residents who receive these calls to know they are strongly encouraged to contact the police.

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