Craighead Electric has open house of energy efficient home

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)-Craighead Electric Cooperative and energy expert Doug Rye revealed their newest energy efficient model home in Jonesboro, Saturday.

The home was constructed by Toby Bunch of Signature Homes and Development, LLC of Jonesboro with consultant Doug Rye.

"We're inviting folks to come out and look around and see how simple it is to make a home super efficient," said Monty Williams with Craighead Electric. " Most people think it's real expensive to do that and you'll spend 10,20,30 thousand dollars."

Williams said the house was made air tight so air cannot easily come in the house.

"We used cellulose insulation in this house and all the ductwork is metal ductwork and it's sealed air tight," Williams said.

Doug Rye said it's important for people to know how to make their home more energy efficient because it will save them money on their utility bill.

"There is no reason to have high bills on a house if you make your existing house energy efficient or it's a piece of cake on a new house like this," Rye said. Rye has guaranteed the average heating and cooling costs of this home not to exceed $67 per month.
Energy saving features of the new home  includes:heating and cooling with a 3-ton 2 speed air source heat pump,metal ductwork sealed with mastic and mastic tape on all joints, energy efficient framing on all corners and T's, blown cellulose in the walls and attic, foam sealant in all the electrical and plumbing penetrations, a 50 gallon super energy efficient heat pump water, and much more.

"It makes it more comfortable, it makes it more warm and you're not going to have hot and cold spots throughout your house," Williams said. Williams said any homeowner can add energy saving features to their home.

"Adding extra ceiling insulation, he said. "Where the insulation is about the level of your rafters in your attic, caulking around your windows and weather striping around your doors are simple things you can do."

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