One Region 8 Teacher Completes Book About Innovative Teaching Style

August 08, 2004--Posted at 10:00 p.m. CDT

BATESVILLE--Starla Payne has been teaching for fifteen years.

She just completed work on what she calls a step by step approach to team based grouping.

This new style of teaching groups the students, and then assigns them duties within the team.

"All the students are engaged, and they are collaborating on how to do different things. They get ideas from different people instead of the teacher standing up there lecturing to them. The students work in groups on every subject, and then get immediate feedback from the teacher, and their peers,"says Payne.

After each project is completed the group is awarded points, and when they reach a certain number of points the students are rewarded. The book provides a detailed format for teachers to incorporate this style into their own classroom. For arrangement.

"There's four or five in the group. They need to be close to where you are teaching and close to the overhead,"said Payne.

In team based grouping the teacher spends very little time in front of the class. It's the kids who get to come forward, and work problems out on the board for the teammates and the rest of the class.

Starla Payne says there is much more to be learned in the classroom than just what students read in a textbook. Things like social skills, compromise, and conflict resolution. If your just in a row, we're not preparing them for society.

".........because in the real world when you get a job, you're going to be working with all different types of personalities,"said Payne.

Payne says the style is a unique component each teacher can incorporate into their own way of teaching.