Local protocol for assisted living facilities

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) – An 87 year old woman at an assisted living center in California died after the nurse at the center called 911 and didn't perform CPR.  It was against the center's policy according to the nurse.

Region 8 News spoke with a few local assisted living facilities to see what their protocol was in the same situation.

A spokesperson for one the assisted living facilities in the area gave this statement.

"At Chateau on the Ridge Assisted Living Facility in Paragould, all of our employees are trained and allowed to perform CPR on our residents. Plus, we have emergency management equipment in our building including an AED (automated external defibrillator) and ambu bags, or hand-held devices used to provide positive pressure ventilation to someone who is not breathing or who is breathing inadequately," said Director of Marketing and Public Relations, Shay Willis.

We also reached out to St. Bernards Village which is an assisted living facility here in Jonesboro. They told us there was no formal policy stating what their protocol was in a similar situation.

We also received a statement from the CEO of the Assisted Living Federation of America.

"To my knowledge, no independent living community has a policy that prohibits any individual from administering CPR under the guidance of a trained professional such as a 911 operator. However, we do not know the special circumstances that may have led the staff person in this community to take the action she did in this extremely stressful emergency situation. Since independent living communities are not health care facilities, they generally do not have individuals trained in CPR. It is more typically the protocol and practice, in the rare emergency situation requiring medical assistance, for the staff to call 911 and await the arrival of professionals," said CEO Richard P. Grimes

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