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Bank employee with CCW shoots would-be robber in jaw


A First Security Bank employee with a conceal-and-carry permit shot a would-be robber in the jaw, authorities said Monday.

Michael Stephen Oliva, 34, of Liberty, was charged with attempted bank robbery on Monday by the U.S. Attorney's Office. Oliva allegedly was carrying a realistic-looking fake plastic gun when he tried to rob the bank about 1:30 p.m. Friday.

Oliva was arrested after a chase in which speeds exceeded 100 mph. According to court records, a bleeding Oliva asked, "You guys going to let me die?" when he finally pulled over on Interstate 435 in Kansas City.

A bank employee told the FBI that she saw Oliva enter the bank before he pulled on a black mask. Oliva allegedly pulled out the replica gun and demanded all of the bank's money.

According to court records, the first bank employee dropped to the floor and began screaming for a second employee to come help. Oliva pointed a gun at the woman, who then tossed a plastic trash can in his direction.

The second bank employee removed a .357-caliber Smith & Wesson from his office. The employee, who has a valid Missouri conceal-and-carry permit, fired two shots at Oliva, according to court records.

One of the shots hit Oliva in the jaw area, while it's unclear if the second shot also struck him, according to court records.

After he was struck, a staggering Oliva bolted from the scene, leaving a large trail of blood behind him, according to court records.

No money was taken. Video surveillance showed the crime.

A Trimble police officer told prosecutors that Oliva was hit in the jaw and chin area, and a large amount of blood was found on his clothes and in his vehicle.

Oliva, whose 35th birthday is Wednesday, remains hospitalized. 

Many Trimble residents had been wondering whether a customer or employee had fired the shots.

First Security's drive-thru is open, but the lobby remains closed. Bank officials declined to comment and did not say when or if the lobby would reopen.

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