Concealed carry licenses popular with women

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) – More women in Region 8 are making the decision to get a concealed hand gun license.

"Women shouldn't rely on men to protect them," said Concealed License Instructor Scott Vaughn.

Sharon Henninger is one of those women who decided it was time to take protection in her own hands.

"I like knowing I can reach for that and have that extra measure of protection on me," said Henninger.

The license is not just for men. A lot of women come to his classes to learn how to protect themselves in a self defense situation.

"They want to get their license to protect themselves," said Vaughn

Henninger said when it comes to encouraging her friends, she says the same thing every time.

"I always tell them to do it," said Henninger.

To make them feel more comfortable, she has even brought the instructor to her house.

"I've called an instructor and we've had girl's only classes at my home," said Henninger.

If you are interested in an all girl's class, contact Scott Vaughn at 870-935-7155.

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