How's your habitat?

Source: AGFC
Source: AGFC
Walleye daily limit is just four in White River lakes
LITTLE ROCK (AGFC) – AGFC offers private landowners technical assistance and advice in managing wildlife through a statewide staff of private lands biologists. Landowners who would like assistance managing for wildlife, have several regional biologists ready to help.

Private lands biologists offer recommendations to landowners' on ways to improve their habitat based on the wildlife objectives of the landowner and the condition of the existing habitat. Do you want to manage and improve your land for deer, turkey, quail, rabbits, or a host of other wildlife species? Private lands biologists can tailor recommendations and a management plan to help you, the landowner to reach your wildlife management objectives.

These specialized biologists can provide a written wildlife management plan along with the most current aerial photos of a landowner's property to include identifying where wildlife practices are recommended for installation. Here are a few examples of wildlife management practices Private lands biologists can explain and help you get started improving your habitat: prescribed burning, forest-wildlife stand improvement, creating nesting, brooding and fawning cover, wildlife travel corridors, creating edge habitat, establishing and managing annual and perennial food plots and strip disking.

There are many state and federal agencies along with several private organizations that offer financial assistance to landowners to improve their lands for high priority wildlife species. These programs offer incentive or easement payments, matching cost-share payments and other financial assistance to assist landowners in the establishment of new habitat and the enhancement of existing habitat. Private lands biologists are well versed in these private lands programs and can direct landowners to appropriate programs for assistance. Whether receiving management information over the phone, through the mail or from a site visit and management plan, we can guide you in sound science based wildlife management recommendations to improve your land for wildlife.

Private lands biologists also have a network of partner agencies and professionals to include foresters, soil conservationists, grazing specialists, and fisheries biologist they can connect you with for additional natural resource management and assistance. All of these professionals offer free technical assistance to the landowner to implement various conservation practices on private lands.

Call 800-364-4263 to receive free assistance from an AGFC Private lands biologist to improve your land for wildlife.