Paragould PD hiring officers, Street Crimes Unit closer to reality

PARAGOULD, AR (KAIT) - One Region 8 city's police department will be stepping up patrols soon as a proactive measure to combat crime.

"We wanna catch it before it happens and we want to get those officers out there to prevent things from happening," Corporal Brad Snyder with Paragould Police told Region 8 News.
Snyder said they're adding officers to their staff, in order to get them one step closer to implementing the Street Crimes Unit.
"We've hired three and we're looking to hire two more," Snyder explained.
Snyder said the Street Crimes Unit will serve as increased presence in areas of Paragould with the highest crime rates during the late night and early morning hours. Though they're closer to getting the Street Crimes Unit in place, Snyder says they don't yet have a set date.
"Depending on the new officers, how they respond to field training. We'll just kind of have to see how that pans out." However, Snyder said it can pan out soon, as PPD has seen an increase in crimes lately.
"With burglaries on the rise, B&Es, vehicles things like that, on the rise, hiring more people, putting more people on the street puts us in a better position to be proactive versus reactive."
You'll recall, Paragould Police looked to start their Street Crimes Unit at the beginning of this year and Snyder said residents are on board with the idea.
"Everybody that we've had from a local standpoint has been very supportive and are actually looking forward to that being kicked off," Snyder said. "Just putting more people out there, being seen, hopefully that in itself will deter crime and if not, we are there to deal with it as it occurs."
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