Kennett residents to vote on smoking ban in businesses

KENNETT, MO (KAIT) - The Kennett City Council approved a ballot measure that would ban smoking in businesses.

Kennett residents must vote whether to pass the ordinance.
Kennett Mayor Jake Crafton said the measure exempts establishments like bars, where alcoholic beverages make up the majority of sales. "If the main focus is to sell food, they're included in the ordinance," he said.

Bill's Bar-B-Q owner Bob Horton says even though he chose not to allow smoking, he does not agree with the proposed ordinance.

"I discontinued smoking in my restaurant over 25 years ago. It's worked for me. It didn't upset my customers at all, but I have a friend that has a restaurant, and he has smoking in his restaurant, and I think the customer base should determine, and the management and the owners of the business should determine whether they have smoking or not. I don't want them to tell me I can't serve 32 ounce sodas here like they did in New York."

Kennett resident Phillip Helms says he would vote for the ordinance.

"The restaurants that have smoking, you walk through smoke to get to the non-smoke, and I don't like to smell smoke while I'm eating," he said.

Shaker's Bar and Grill would likely be exempt from the ordinance. Shaker's owner Kyle Stone does not think the measure will get much support.

"If it's left up to the people I really don't think it's going to pass," he said.

If voters do approve the ordinance does, Stone says he is anticipating a possible boost for his business.

"I guess it would be. People are going to leave the other places to come here as long as they can smoke."

A date for the vote has not been set.

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