Community comes together to reuse, reduce and recycle

WEINER, AR (KAIT) - Studentsand teachers in a Region 8 Community came together to *reuse*, *reduce*, andrecycle to help out their town.

Wiener's Family,Community, and Career Leaders of America class held a recycling drive andcollected paper, plastic, and anything that was recyclable Friday evening.

They also had studentsdrive around town to pick up some of the items.

By Saturday morning theyhad collected so much they needed to empty the containers.

Patricia Carroll is theFCCLA teacher at the high school and she says they went to great extent tocollect all these items.

"The students go pick upitems from different residents and businesses around town", Carroll says.

Billy Henson was one of the students that help collect trash around town and he says, "We have a list ofitems that people have need us to come pick up and we're just pretty much goingand helping them pick that up, make it easier on them."

Patricia Carroll says theevent will hopefully qualify their school to enter a *green* competition. Ifthey win, they would get money to make Weiner greener.

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