Weiner residents react to losing school

WEINER, AR (KAIT) - After today's 5 to 2 vote to close Weiner High school, the town remains heartbroken. Many are worried for the fate of their home town.

"Statistics show how a town decreases greatly whenever this happens," said resident Tim Hewitt.

Residents of Weiner spent the day with a mix of emotions not knowing whether to be sad or angry by the decision.

"I think we're all pretty upset. Just being here today we've seen several people very upset and several people crying," said resident Jessica Dodd.

The controversy between Weiner and their future school district has already begun for some of the people that live there.

"The Weiner people pay more taxes than Harrisburg and that's going to be a little sore spot," said resident Steve Clark.

For many households, the split between grade school and the high school could become an issue.

"I have three children here in school two in high school one in grade school which now will be split up. I don't know what we're going to do exactly," said Hewitt.

However, this was more than a decision to close the high school. It meant ending traditions that have taken place for many generations.

"My daughter graduated from Weiner. Me and my wife both graduated from Weiner, nieces and nephews and all my friends," said Clark.

Now, that tradition of cardinal graduates will come to an end.

"I went to school at Weiner from the time I was in kindergarten. I graduated there so I've always been a Weiner cardinal and of course I wanted that for my kids as well and now that's not going to happen," said Dodd

She said she is sad for both the students and the teachers and the people who have made her alma mater so special.

"Their closing a really good school and it's not just about grades or performance. The teachers actually care about who you are as a family and you couldn't ask for better people," said Dodd.

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