New Interim Street Superintendent Focuses on Clogged Pipes

August 11, 2004--Posted 4:00 pm CDT

Jonesboro, AR--Most Jonesboro residents never think about the mile upon miles of pipeline running under the city which drains water out of the city And according to one Jonesboro alderman, so had the Jonesboro City Council.  Now the council hopes to correct their oversight by making sure to stay ahead of any possible drainage problems by keeping the cities pipes clean.


“We were under the impression we had a dedicated crew cleaning these pipes,” Alderman Darrel Dover says, “but we now know somehow that was not occurring.”  The council will now depend on new interim street superintendent Teddy Hooton to oversee this major job.  The city says in the past the city has been more reactive.  Now they say the focus will be on reaction to pending problems.  “ if you don’t do routine maintenance you are going to have blockages.” Hooton says when asked about his agencies new direction.  “We hope to be in a few years the class of the city.” 


Hooton added local residents can help in his agencies fight against backed-up drainage ditches.  He says bagging yard clippings is a start.  He says most people do not know the small amount of material it takes in order to clog a single pipe, creating a back flow of water that could damage hundreds of homes during a heavy rain.