Sheriff seeks help from property owners in search for missing teen

Arkansas Search Dog Association K9 begins search
Arkansas Search Dog Association K9 begins search

WALNUT RIDGE, AR (KAIT) - Day four on the search for missing Walnut Ridge teen, Sidney Randell turned up no new information, but did draw additional search crews from across Arkansas.

"We're still hopeful but we're exploring every possible avenue," Lawrence County Sheriff, Jody Dotson told Region 8 News Tuesday evening.

The search and rescue efforts for Randell continued Tuesday evening into the night as Lawrence County officials marked off areas on a map they've searched thus far for the teen.

Though crews and departments from all over Region 8 are sending in help, the search for Sidney has brought in crews from across the state. The Arkansas Search Dog Association came to Region 8 Tuesday evening to help.

"We heard about the Amber Alert and we all got together," Robert Haas, a volunteer with Arkansas Search Dog Association told Region 8 News. "We all came out here, some of us drove over two hours to get here, we're just trying to make a difference," Haas said.

Twelve men and women and nine dogs from all over Arkansas went to the area where John Cornell's truck and body were found to search, trying to get any kind of scent from Sidney.

"We've not found anything that really ties her to where we found the truck or him," Sheriff Dotson told Region 8 News.

However, that's not stopping law enforcement from combing back over every little detail to be sure.

"We back tracked, every little lead that we possibly could find," Dotson said.

Dotson told Region 8 News they're looking to the public now in assisting in the search. Dotson said they're calling on property owners in Lawrence and surrounding counties to check their property.

Your barns, your sheds, if there's an empty, old, abandoned house on your property or anything. You know your property better than anyone else," Sheriff Dotson said. "When you're doing your property check, if you come across anything out of the ordinary, something that you know is just not right, give us a call."

However, if you don't find anything on your property, Dotson said they still would like for you to call the Dispatch Center with that information.

"Let them know your name, your address and your phone number and that you have done a good check of your property and you feel that it's clear, then we can mark it on the map and that'll save a lot of strangers tromping on your property," Dotson explained.

You can contact the Walnut Ridge Dispatch Center at (870) 886-3568.

Region 8 News will continue to track this story.

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