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Region 8 students learn more about wildlife with visitor

PARAGOULD, AR (KAIT) – Students got a close look at wildlife in Northeast Arkansas in Region 8 on Wednesday.

The students at Greene County Tech High School got a special visit from the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission. Chuck Long is with the AGFC and spoke to students about Wildlife Management in Arkansas.

Chuck Long gave students enrolled in the GCT Advanced Placement Environmental Science Class, a hands-on look at wildlife as he dissected ducks with them.

Many Students in the class enjoyed the hands-on approach they got in their AP Science class.

"You actually get to see it. You don't just look at pictures. You get to dissect and see what it's made of and stuff like that", said Meagan Wilson who is a senior in the AP Environmental Science Class.

Spencer Sullivan is a junior in the class as well and feels that this visit will be very beneficial to everyone.

"If you're interested in what you do and how you impact the environment, it's something you can be more a part of than other sciences", Sullivan says.

Apart from students receiving a more elaborate lecture like today's Arkansas Game and Fish Commission visit, the Advance Placement classes also award these students with college credit.


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