Missing teen's mother thanks community, gives daughter message

A sign that hangs on the front of Denise Cornell's house
A sign that hangs on the front of Denise Cornell's house

WALNUT RIDGE (AR) - Though the Walnut Ridge community and search crews are mentally, physically and emotionally tired, they are still searching and still hopeful. It's an effort and support system that's not gone unseen, especially by the woman hardest hit in this tragedy.

"I'm never ever gonna stop. Until you come home," Sidney Randall's mother, Denise Cornell spoke with Region 8 News Friday. 
For six days, Cornell has prayed that her daughter, missing Walnut Ridge 14-year-old, Sidney Randall will come home.
"Because every day that she's not here, it's just torture for me," Cornell explained.
Cornell told Region 8 News the overwhelming amount of support she's received, not just from the Walnut Ridge community, but throughout Region Eight and even across state lines, is what's kept her going. 
"Because without them, I don't think I could've done these days. These have been the hardest days that I've ever had to go through. And I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart." 
She said the hardest part has been waiting.
"My house is so quiet. And I have three kids and my house is never quiet. And it just breaks my heart."
However, Cornell said she knows Sidney will come home to her and has a message for her daughter. 
"So wherever you're at, if you hear people hollering your name, You do whatever you have to do, make any kind of noise that you can! Because they're out there for you, baby girl...and mama wants you home."
Cornell's thanks extends to everyone who has stopped by her house to drop off anything from food to paper plates down to pet food.
She also gives her thanks to law enforcement and search crews, knowing many long hours have been spent searching to bring her daughter home.
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