Students learn "How" and "When" to fight back

CRAIGHEAD COUNTY, AR(KAIT) – No, it's a word that was taught Friday evening and throughout Saturdayto prepare women for anything.

They gather at theWestside Middle School Gym to learn Basic Physical Defense techniques.

The classes were lead byCorporal Tracy Simpson with the Arkansas State University Police.

When being taught abouthow to escape abusive situations these women also were taught different kind oflaws so they know when is it okay to physically harm an aggressor.

Tracy Simpson says she wasshocked when she got asked to teach somewhere outside of the ASU campus.

"We had a parent that hadtaken our class in the past, and brought her young daughter with her and hadtaken it and felt this is something area schools should know about, not justcollege students", says Corporal Simpson.

Shelly Simmons was one ofthe students of the classes offered by the RAD program and she says she shouldn'tbe one of the only ones in the community who is prepared.

"I think every womanshould know how to defend themselves in case of being attacked. This day intime it's possible", says Simmons.

This class is for womenand girls only because they feel that men shouldn't know how they are beingtrained for the scenarios, if they did it would make the classes useless andthe students would not have an advantage at all.

The classes are usuallyheld for college students at ASU but if the demand increases, Traci says theywill be happy to teach in neighboring schools.

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