County Officials Urge A.G. Beebe to Make Run for Governor

AUGUST 12, 2004 - Posted at 12:37 p.m. CDT

HOT SPRINGS, AR - Several people in a crowd of county officials today urged Attorney General Mike Beebe to run for governor.

They couldn't get him to commit to that.  But they did hear Beebe's views on several issues, including public school administration, property taxes and the legality of charitable bingo.

Beebe spoke at the Association of Arkansas Counties Convention in Hot Springs.

Logan County Treasurer Charlotte Davis drew laughts and applause by asking how people could make Beebe governor in 2006.

A blushing Beebe said, "God love you, but I have to be real careful how I answer this."

Beebe said his supporters could keep planning for a gubernatorial run, but if he spoke about it, it would cause his office to be "looked at with jaundiced eye."

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