Region 8 Sorority Raises Money for Children's Charities on the Catwalk

August 12, 2004 -- Posted at 2:40 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO -- Summer is almost over and that means one thing.... fall fashions are almost here! And since 'Sex and the City' is no longer on the air, where do women go to look for the latest fashions? One Region 8 sorority not only has the answers, but it's doing so for a good cause.

The catwalk at the Holiday Inn in Jonesboro was the place to be this afternoon.

Lisa Davis of Enhancements said, "It's one of the best fashion shows of the year. There's a lot of coverage, there's a lot of people here. It's a good time of the year, because fall is a very exciting time for fashion."

The 17th annual fashion show is sponsored by the Phi Mu sorority and helps to raise money for area children's charities.

Chairman Aylia Poston said, "We support the Children's Miracle Network, which is the Arkansas Children's Hospital recipient. When were in college, we start out with that and as we go alumni, that's our adult thing."

More than 300 people attended Thursday's show, all looking for the hottest trends in fashion.  Kitten heels, ponchos and tweed suits were some of the newest trends this season.

"It's a really good social time. We have some stores that have been in it seventeen years, and we have some people that have participated every year," said Poston.

Davis agreed, "They've just gotten bigger, they always have a nice lunch, and I just really appreciate it because it's so well organized for the store owners. They make it easy on us."

But Poston admits it takes a little hard work to organize such an event.

"It's team work, it's group work. It's all the girls in our alum group working very very hard. It's truly a team effort, and we have the Holiday Inn which is wonderful to work with and we have the stores that are gracious every year to participate and we have models that love to come," said Poston.

Money raised from Thursday's event will go to benefit the Arkansas Children's Hospital in Little Rock, Dyeanne's House in Jonesboro and the pediatric wings at St. Bernards Medical Center and NEA Medical Center.