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Children get special visit at the Daycare

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) – Crowley's Ridge Development Council hosted a number of events throughout the week to celebrate National Child and Adult Care Food Program Week.

On Wednesday, Mayor Harold Perrin stopped by Beautiful Beginnings 4 kids to read a story.

The Child and Adult Care Food Program Manager for the CRDC, Jennifer Carlile wants everyone to know that importance of this program.

"This program is very beneficial to the children who are in child care facilities or the adults that are in adult day care facilities to ensure that they get nutritious meals and snacks while in care.  And it brings tax dollars back into our community", said Carlile.

Wanda Littleton is the director of the daycare and she says the food program is a huge help.

"When you're a small business you're on a budget, especially when you're working with kids and everything.  You want them to have all the needs met on nutrition.  So, when they come in they help you do everything", said Littleton.

She also told Region 8 News she has worked with the food program for the past four years and said that in the past few years she has learned a lot about proper food and nutrition for children.

As of March 2013, the CRDC covers ten counties in Northeast Arkansas with this program.

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