Second day of Spring brings in winter weather

GREENE COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - On the second day of Spring, four Region 8 counties are bracing for the winter storm impact planned to hit Thursday night.

The four counties targeted are: Greene, Randolph, Clay and Lawrence. Greene County Judge, Jerry Shipman said they will probably start to gear up around midnight.

"We're blading our graders up and we plan on about half of the snow storm hitting before we start plowing so that our plowing is more beneficial," Shipman said.

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"The way the snow hits the ground and the ground temperature and the way that the moisture stays and the oxygen that blends in, it's really beneficial to the people that are pro-yards."

Although many people are noticing the unusual March weather, one Region 8 resident, Belinda Winford, said she is not surprised there is snow in the forecast. 

"It seems like it's always at this time of the year we start getting ready to plant gardens and whatever and then out of the blue, we just get a little snow storm or a freeze," she said 

 One Region 8 resident, Bill McKinney,said he is looking forward to the snow.

"I think it's just great, it will be the last chance for us to get it before the next winter,"said McKinney.

On Thursday morning, Craighead County was also under a winter advisory. Eugene Neff is the Road Superintendent for Craighead County and said  they are still prepared to hit all high-risk areas.

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