Victim of attack hoax: humiliation is enough of a punishment

Coots shows the cliff she ran down and field she ran across to get away from attacker
Coots shows the cliff she ran down and field she ran across to get away from attacker

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - When Brianne Coots was attacked while walking with her friend Tyler Siegel at Craighead Forest Park Saturday evening, she said the whole situation felt very real.

Region 8 News obtained the 911 call from that day.

Dispatcher: 911, where is your emergency?

Coots: Hi. I'm at the Nature Center.

An out-of-breath Coots tried explaining to the dispatcher what was going on.

Coots: Somebody attacked me and my friend. I'm having to run. 

Dispatcher: Somebody attacked you?

Coots: Yes. Please hurry.

Coots showed Region 8 News where the "attacker", wielding a large knife, came out of the woods. She said Siegel saw the man first and advised her to stay back.

"So I was about right here when the guy came out," Coots explained. "As soon as he came out, I just started running."

And she kept running.

"I just went straight down the edge of this," Coots motioned toward a cliff edge. "All the way across the field to the highway over there."

In the process of running away, Coots lost a shoe, shed her jacket to run faster and fell a few times, injuring her hip and leg.

Siegel came out of the incident with a cut on his wrist and chest, supposedly from the attacker.

Coots told Region 8 News when Siegel, someone she'd known for years, insisted they meet in person to talk, she didn't think much of it.

"When we got out here, he wasn't really even talking that much," Coots said. "None of this really clicked to me until afterwards."

Didn't click that something, whether it was the way Siegel was acting, the attack itself or the wounds Siegel sported after allegedly fighting off the knife-wielding assailant, wasn't right.

"And sure enough, the whole thing had been set up," Coots said. "I was completely just infuriated when I found out about it."

Infuriated that it was all set up in order to impress her.

"You buy people flowers. You don't stage a fake rape attack scene."

After fessing up to police, Siegel fessed up to Coots.

"He felt like he had to impress me somehow. And I just told him how I didn't feel we needed to be all after that."

Though Siegel isn't facing any charges in the incident, Coots said she feels he learned his lesson.

"This whole incident has to be so humiliating for him, that I think just the humiliation is enough of a punishment."

Coots told Region 8 News the situation could have actually been a lot worse.

She explained that she does have a 9mm handgun, she's a pretty good shot and she's been considering getting her concealed carry license for some time now.

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