Back-To-School Supplies Are Tax Free in Missouri This Weekend

August 15, 2004--Posted at 5:30 p.m. CDT

KENNETT--No back to school back pack is complete without a few essential items, but parents know these must haves for the fall can put quite a dent in the pocketbook.

Betsy Wasburn is finishing up her back to school shopping for her two children this weekend.

"Binders, paper, lunch boxes, scissors and glue, you know it can get really expensive,"said Washburn.

Missouri lawmakers are hoping to ease the financial strain by offering tax exemptions on back to school items.

"I thought well heck I'll go buy school clothes at the same time. I saved quite a bit of money on shoes, and  all of the school supplies. I was spending on average 30 to 35 dollars,"said Wasburn.

Holly Marbry spent nearly twenty dollars on one child during her first round of back to school shopping.......

"Since I got my new list, I'm going to come back today and pick up the rest of my stuff,"said Marbry.

Now folks in Missouri aren't the only ones enjoying this tax free weekend.

Even out of towners crossed the state line hoping to get a deal.

Janet Boling and her three children drove from Piggott to shop for back to school supplies.

"Shopping for three is really hard, especially being a single mom,"said Boling.

Janet Boling said it was absolutely worth the drive, all of the shoppers say they're thrilled with the savings.