E-cigarettes pros, cons and are they for minors?

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Arkansas Lawmakers passed a bill on Friday to ban the sale of electronic cigarettes to minors with a 76 to 8 vote. Many people around town were shocked that a minor could purchase them prior to the ban.

"I actually had no idea that minors could purchase e-cigarettes," said Jonesboro Resident Samantha Ramsdell.

The battery operated devices contain cartridges filled with nicotine, flavor and other chemicals.

Although, they are not a traditional cigarette, they can still be harmful.

"I don't think minors should be purchasing a substance that's addictive. They do contain nicotine so I don't disagree with them banning the sale to minors of e-cigarettes," said Jonesboro Resident Jonathan Lowrey.

With flavors like mint and cherry, e-cigarettes may appeal to a younger crowd.

"Being a junior high art teacher, I deal with young student's everyday and I just can't imagine having my students being negatively influenced to smoke an e-cigarette," Ramsdell said.

For many smokers, e-cigarettes are used to help quit the habit of smoking. So why would minors need to smoke them in the first place?

"There not supposed to purchase cigarettes anyways so why would they try to purchase something that's supposed to help them quit," said Jonesboro Resident Cathy Foster.

Some believe that a minor getting their hands on an e-cigarette could potentially lead them to smoking traditional cigarettes.

"It gives students access to e-cigarettes and they're going to think in the future that it's ok for them to smoke actual cigarettes," Ramsdell said.

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