Study: Babies being fed solids too early

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - For nearly two decades the American Academy of Pediatrics has advised against feeding babies solid foods before they were at least four months old.

"Their GI tract isn't ready at until four months for anything other than their breast milk for formula," said Apache Drive Children's Clinic Pediatrician Dr. Lowery Beck.

He says feeding babies solid food before they are ready can lead to several digestive problems.

"It can cause some stomach pain, stomach cramps, vomiting and diarrhea," said Dr. Lowery.

It can even affect them long term. Causing health problems that may surprise you.

"It increases the risks of allergies later on, not just food allergies but allergies in general if they feed the babies too soon," said Dr. Beck.

Even at four to six months old it's best to begin with things like first food cereals. At nine to twelve months you can slowly start with table food.

"Things like a bit of mashed potatoes for example or crumbled up pieces of hamburger meat. Something that will be soft and easy to get down without choking," said Dr. Beck.

The CDC found that several moms said they fed their babies solid food because "formula was too expensive" or that "they wanted their babies to sleep longer at night". However, when it comes to their health, taking baby steps to solid food is important.

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