Decision process on guns on ASU campus

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - The Process to decide whether or not to opt out of allowing faculty and staff to carry concealed handguns in a decision made from several groups of committees.

"There are two student groups there, the faculty,  the staff the deans and the chairs group," said Chairman of the Shared Governance Oversight Committee, Dr. Andy Mooneyhan.

All of which are groups of people that interact on campus almost every day.

"These committees are all connected with ASU and are committees that are deeply involved with day to day routine life," said Mooneyhan.

First a proposal to opt out is given to the Shared Governance Oversight Committee and then that reviewed by six other committees. This allows a common theme to develop between the committees to make a decision to opt out or keep the measure as is.

"It would also give them the chance to provide comments. Maybe they want to opt out but they want a particular measure put in place," said Mooneyhan

After all six committees agree on a proposal, the Oversight Committee reviews it, and then create a final proposal for the last vote before it heads to the Chancellor.

"He would make his own recommendation to how he would make his recommendation to the board of trustees," said Mooneyhan.

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