Randolph County one step closer to new nursing home

Blueprints for the new Randolph County Nursing Home
Blueprints for the new Randolph County Nursing Home

POCAHONTAS, AR (KAIT) - Randolph County is one step closer to having brand new, multi-million dollar facility as bids were placed Wednesday night on the news Randolph County Nursing Home.

Within the next two years, county officials said a swath of land out near Five Rivers Medical Center will house the roughly $15 million facility.
It's a goal Randolph County Nursing home officials like Administrator, Paula Swift have been working toward for the past five years.
"It's been here since the late 1960's and it's just an older building," Swift told Region 8 News as she described their current facility. A facility that has expensive upkeep and maintenance costs.
The new facility will not only be able to house more residents, but the rooms will be more private.
"We're going from 118 beds to 140 beds so we'll have 22 more rooms available," Swift explained.
Additional rooms are also in the blueprints for the building, as well as four indoor courtyards. Something Randolph County Nursing Home officials see as a plus for safety of their residents.
"Here, we're kind of limited on where they can go," Swift said. The current nursing home is located just off of Highway 62 that runs through Pocahontas. "They can go outside and wander freely and be safe," Swift said regarding the courtyards that will be in the new building.
Randolph County Judge, David Jansen told Region 8 News the project will serve the county in more than just the long run.
"We're gonna see some economic benefit during the building of the nursing home," Jansen said. "There's gonna be several working out there and they're gonna have to eat and get gas so over the whole picture, the economics of Randolph County, it's gonna help it."
Swift said that as this project has been in the works for multiple years now, the whole nursing home family is looking forward to its completion.
"We're excited. Residents and resident families are excited just to get a new home. We've been here so long." Swift said.
The project is expected to take 18 months to complete. Jansen said a groundbreaking should happen in the near future.
Swift told Region 8 News with the larger facility, they'll also be hiring more people. Swift said they'll be looking to employ roughly 20 additional people at the new nursing home.
Region 8 News will keep you updated on the construction of the facility.

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