Wynne 7-year old girl becomes Ark youngest Red Cross volunteer

WYNNE, AR (KAIT)- A 7-year-old from Wynne has become Arkansas' youngest Red Cross volunteer.

Novie Allen has always wanted to be a volunteer with the Red Cross and just recently, her wish became a reality. Novie enrolled with the Red Cross in Jonesboro and has vowed to raise $1000 for Disaster Relief.

"I like helping people so I went over to my momma and saidcan I join the American Red Cross," Novie said.

Novie's mother, Margaret Allen, reached out to Lovon Davis at the Northeast Arkansas Chapter of the Red Cross in Jonesboro.

"I was so excited and amazed that a 7 year old wouldactually want to something like this and most 7 year old don't even know whothe Red Cross is," Davis said.

Novie Allensaid she got the idea to join the Red Cross from a commercial on the Disney channel.

"It makes me feel like I'm proud of myself, I feel happy," she said.

So far Novie has raised about $400 but she is not stoppinguntil she reaches her goal. Margaret said she is very proud of her daughter.

"I think it's wonderful, it's a little bit heart touchingbecause she is very compassionate and she really seems to want to help otherpeople,"she said.

Novie is having a slumber birthday party Friday night but insteadof asking for presents she's asking for donations for the Red Cross.

Novie said the money she's raising is going towards a goodcause.

"We're raising a $1,000 dollars so if someone's house burnsdown by tornadoes, fire or earthquakes, they will give them $1,000 dollars and aplace to stay," she said.

Davis said she wasn't expecting Novie to raise money but she insisted.

"She told me that she was going to raise $1,000, and I told her now Novie you don't have to do that but she was like oh yesI am."

"Our volunteers are not as young as Novie, I believe she isthe youngest in the state of Arkansas that we have," Davis said.

You can help Novie reach her goal but You can help Novie reach her goal by finding her name on the Red Cross website and making a donation.

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