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Woman uses fake name for prescription, flees arrest

Landra Annette Guntharp (Source: Craighead County Detention Center) Landra Annette Guntharp (Source: Craighead County Detention Center)

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) – A woman is behind bars for trying to get prescription under a fake name and fleeing arrest.

On Thursday, the Target pharmacist received a call requesting to have her prescription transferred from Walgreens in Fort Smith to the Target in Jonesboro.

The pharmacist became suspicious and contacted her supposed doctor to confirm that her request was real. The doctor then faxed the pharmacist a letter stating he never prescribed Tramadol to a patient by the name of April Wink. That is when the pharmacist called the police.

Jonesboro Police responded to Target a few minutes later, the officer advised the woman presenting the fake identity that she would be arrested.

According to JPD, the suspect stated she had a medical procedure done recently to her and she requested to go to the restroom before being handcuffed. The suspect signaled to the officer that she had blood stains below her waist.

The officer took the woman to the restroom from the Loss Prevention Office in Target when she took off attempting to escape. She was caught just outside the business and placed in handcuffs.

She then continued the story that she was Annette Hailey born in 1982 but when the officer ran her name through dispatch they were unable to get a return.

She insisted she was Annette Hailey and minutes later demanded to see her mom who had just pulled up to the business. The officer walked towards the relative and asked for her real name.

The mother told the officer that the suspects name was Landra Guntharp. The woman seemed unaware of that name.

Dispatch ran her real name this time and stumbled upon warrants.

She is now being held at the Craighead County Detention Center, facing charges for fleeing charge and outstanding warrants.

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