Walnut Ridge receives grant to fix roads

WALNUT RIDGE, AR (KAIT) - Walnut Ridge Mayor Don House, says the grant they have received from the State Street Aid Program will help the town financially, by beginning with projects to fix the roads.

"It's 100 percent funding for a city our size. It's certainly going to be a big improvement and it will allow the city to pave other streets that would not meet the criteria of the State Street Aid Program," said Walnut Ridge Mayor Don House.

The money was given based on meeting criteria and after applying for the grant. Walnut Ridge received $520,000, the largest amount received within the state.

"All of the streets that we're working, they connect with another state highway, from one state highway to another state highway or federal highway," said House.

House said construction will help benefit the town on Walnut Ridge by making all commutes a simple and safe one for all drivers.

"Anytime you can get to point A to point B with a business or any kind of a community event in a safer way, it's got to help your traffic flow," said House.

Even with construction going on, he has reason to believe working on the roads will have little effect on surrounding businesses and their customers.

"It being an overlay program and not a construction road building program then there will be very minimal interference," said House.

The construction should be a fast and easy one. House believes the project will be completed fairly quickly.

"I think they'll be out of here within a month," said House.

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