Only 2 weeks left to file taxes

(Source: MGN Online)
(Source: MGN Online)

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Some may believe the early bird gets the worm but with your tax return that's not always the case. Filing later in the game won't affect when your tax return will arrive.

"Usually arrive seven to ten business days on your state and fourteen to twenty-one days on your federal. But that's not always the case, it's the IRS so basically whenever they get to it," said Tax Preparer Ashley Davis.

Davis says there are ways to get the most money back. For college students who bring in their 1098 T, it can help boost their refund.

"A lot of college students around here. If your an undergraduate you can get anywhere from $200 to say $1500 dollars extra back on your return by bringing in that 1098 T and filing it," said Davis.

If you have a small side job, that can go towards your refund as well.

"A side job for a little extra cash you should claim that and a lot of times it can up your earned income and it can help your return out," said Davis.

If you're not sure what to claim, Jackson Hewitt has a list that can help.

"They can come up here and get a print off of everything you can claim. I mean there are several things that people wouldn't think to claim," said Davis.

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