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Peiffer sets eyes on NFL

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For Southeast Missouri State senior linebacker Blake Peiffer, the various drills and workouts to prepare for NFL combines and pro days are no different than training for an actual game.

"It's the same as practicing for football when its all said and done," Peiffer said Wednesday, as he trained with SEMO strength and conditioning coach Brian Johnson at Houck Stadium.

Peiffer has been training for several months in Buffalo, N.Y., and just recently came back to southeast Missouri in time for his pro day workouts.

The biggest thing he hopes to elevate is his 40-yard dash time.

"If I can improve my 40, I can improve my chances and that's the biggest key," Peiffer said. 

"Run a decent forty and I'll get some looks, and it's just getting them to go back and look at the film."

Proof Peiffer can play is certainly in the film. The Jackson, Mo. native made numerous All-American teams and finished third on the Redhawks all time tackles list during his prolific collegiate career.

Now he wants to make the jump to the next level, and not just for himself.

"I want to do it for SEMO, I wanted to do it for Jackson and be that guy everyone looks up to," Peiffer said.

The same way Peiffer looks up to his father, Dan, who was drafted 40 years ago, and played four seasons in the NFL.

"I've strived since I was a little kid to be like him," Peiffer said.

Blake's professional pursuit is relentless, a word he writes on his wrist tape before all his games.

"That's what I strive to be, that relentless linebacker."

It's what pushes him that extra 10th of a second faster on the 40-yeard dash, every stride one closer to his ultimate goal.

"(The NFL) is something I've strived for my entire life, and if I could make it, it would be a dream come true, and it would also be more motivation to work harder."

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