Students make "A-State"ment with random acts of kindness

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - ASU students are making a statement this week by performing random acts of kindness and community service projects.

In past years, ASU advisors only dedicated a day to community service, but this year they decided to make it into a week so more students can get more involved in the community.

"Jonesboro has been so great to ASU and it's just a way for ASU to give back to a community that does so much for our students," said Katey Buckley, coordinator of student services at ASU.

This week ASU students are making a statement by doing service projects in the community and by performing random acts of kindness.

"Even though they don't necessarily have the money to give or big checks to write they can give their time and they can make an effort in different ways to give back," Buckley said.

As I was on campus, I caught some acts in action. One student bought flowers to a receptionist, while another student put money in expired parking meters on campus.

Senior Dustin Stanfield caught a student putting change in his parking meter.

"It worried me, I had no idea what was going on," he said.

But once the student told Dustin what she was doing, he immediately thanked her for her kindness.

"It's something that seems to be forgotten in our society, we forget to help each other.

One student found out about ASU's random acts of kindness on Twitter and Facebook and decided to do an act of her own.  

"There's a receptionist in the Honors College and she isn't told enough how wonderful she is so on my way to Starbucks I grabbed her a skinny white chocolate mocha and just brought it to her and it completely made her day," said Ellen Hakenewerth.

She said being kind makes everything better and makes everyone feel better. 

"Kindness makes people happy and with the weather being awful , it just helps a lot," Hakenewerth said.

"It should be longer than a week, it should be just a life long thing."

Volunteer ASU officials hope that more students and people in the community catch on and keep the acts of kindness going throughout the week.

On Monday students volunteered with the local food bank and tomorrow some students will help the Girl Scouts clean their offices. Make a Statement Week ends on Saturday but staff members said they hope students continue to make a difference in the community.

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