New Technology Firm Opens in Jonesboro

August 18, 2004 -- Posted at 4:35 p.m. CDT

< STRONG> JONESBORO --< /STRONG> When it comes to getting technical support for computer software U.S. companies have been looking overseas. But one new company in Jonesboro wants those companies to turn their attention to rural America.

"If us companies can outsource to India surely they can outsource to Jonesboro if we can deliver a good product and make it cost competitive. Rural Souring Incorporated officially open it's doors Tuesday in Jonesboro. This small company says it will help bigger companies spend money more wisely. "Their key money can be spent on building new applications to build their business while we can maintain their existing systems and do their day to day operations for them,"says Director Henry Torres. The new center opens up a world for opportunities to local IT students. "It's exciting to see that these jobs are now coming to rural areas, people can get their degrees and stay in their home towns while achieving their dreams,"says ASU student and Erin Bader.

The company as a whole dreams big. "In ten years we want to have fifty Rural Sourcing centers in twenty states, employing over a thousand workers. The company has already started negotiations with companies in Chicago and Hawaii. It has also formed an alliances with two companies one being Novell, a billion dollar technology company in Boston. Rural souring has twelve employees and plans to keep it's cooperate office here in Jonesboro.