Does your password have what it takes to protect you?

"Does your password have what it takes to protect you?"

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - It seems in this day and age you can't get by a day not having to enter a password at some point or another. And with hacker getting more and more savvy, how can you make sure your password keeps your life locked?

It seems now-a-days we're living in a password dependent world. "Everything has passwords now. The first thing to worry about is the risk you have," said Onsite Tech Alex Hogan with Millenium 3.

So how do you protect yourself? Region 8 News took on the investigation. First off, is it really that bad to have the same password for everything? Hogan says he wouldn't recommend it, but it all comes down to if it is linked to something else.

"Lets say your Amazon has the same password as your Facebook, but those two don't have the same e-mail. Then it's okay for them to have the same password. However, if they are linked, they do have the same e-mail, then they absolutely need different passwords," said Hogan.

Because if a hacker get access to one, they will immediately have access to the other. "They could have your paypal. They could have credit cards. They could pretty much do anything they want," said Hogan.

ASU Freshman Ben Green said he's always had the same password for everything, and fell victim to hackers. "My G-mail account and bank account got hacked by someone in Japan. So I had to go through and change every single password," said Green.

Hogan says the password to your e-mail is the most important. Especially if you use one e-mail for everything. "Having a really long password is the most important. More important than having fun characters or capital letters," said Hogan.

Hogan recommends maybe putting together a phrase that's easy for you to remember. Like "I have the same birthday as my mom" without any spaces in the middle.

And if you really want to get savvy, capitalize every other word.

And maybe you've password Management apps. The apps act as a digital vault for all your important information. By entering a simple 4 digit code, all your usernames and passwords can be stored in one place. But Hogan says he's be leery.

"I would never recommend those. Most apps are going to be totally unsecure. If they got access to your phone they could get to it or some apps are even capable of uploading to the internet," said Hogan

He also suggested changing your password every three months...if not sooner. "As much as every thirty day wouldn't be over kill," said Hogan.

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