Newest stop in Jonesboro has some drivers frustrated

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Drivers in Jonesboro are no strangers to stoplights. Friday, the latest stoplight in town was put into action. 
The light, located on Harrisburg Road at the Highway 63 North Interchange has both those who like and dislike the additional stop.
"I just got stuck at it," Robert Tucker told Region 8 News Friday afternoon. "My wife and I both work over there and we're both complaining about it already."
After a day of being fully turned on, the newest stoplight on Harrisburg Road is already frustrating some drivers.
"It just needs to be coordinated with the other lights so you don't have to stop, go, then stop again, then go, then stop again," Tucker said.
Just a tenth of a mile past the stoplight on Harrisburg and Windover is the new stoplight.
Michael Williams told Region 8 News that due to his job, he drives up and down Harrisburg Road multiple times a day. Williams has noted the stoplight causing a bit of confusion for drivers.
"People are ignoring it because it's so new. Every time I travel through, I watch to see if people if people are paying attention to it," Williams said. "Some do and some don't."
It's confusion that could cause problems until people become accustomed to the additional stop light. 
"I, myself have almost been hit twice already," Williams said. He said those two instances happened in a two day time span since the stoplight was turned on.
Though Williams said it's beneficial for those drivers getting off of Highway 63, he thinks it should've been placed on the other side of the overpass.
"It's a major struggle if you're coming from Bono, trying to get off at this exit, it's almost impossible to let people let you in."
Though there are those who feel the added stoplight is an added pain, not everyone is upset.
"I was hoping it'd be a solution to the traffic jams like around the 5 o'clock hour or early morning, school hours, it's always hard to get on this road," Derika Jones told Region 8 News. "I'm just thankful the City of Jonesboro recognized that and that something is getting done about it."
Many of the people who spoke with Region 8 News off camera said they didn't necessarily like the additional stop along Harrisburg Road but realized safety issues for those exiting Highway 63 made it a good thing for drivers.

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