2013 Fastbreak Boys & Girls Superteam revealed

JONESBORO (KAIT) - I figured if Football Friday Night had a Superteam, why not one for Fastbreak Friday Night?

There is a boys and girls squad. Each team is composed of 6 players from each classification (7A/6A, 5A, 4A, 3A, 2A, & 1A), and a Coach of the Year. You voted for each selection on kait8.com throughout the month of March.

We used all-state and all-state tournament team selections as a guide to pick the finalists. The goal was to reward great individual effort as well as great team effort.

2013 Boys Fastbreak Superteam

Coach of the Year: Anthony Brewington (Pocahontas)

Finalists - Wes Swift (Jonesboro), Brad Brannen (Bay), Bobby Gross (Brookland), Brad Francis (Harding Academy), Isaac Middlebrooks (Cedar Ridge), Josh Hill (EPC), and Buster Campbell (Riverside)

7A/6A: Randle Toliver (Jonesboro)

Finalists - Syndarian Spencer (Marion), Robert Bradford (West Memphis), and Buck Gilbert (Mountain Home)

5A: Keenan Halk (Wynne)

Finalists - Victor Dukes (Nettleton), Andrew Hovis (GCT), and Trey Thompson (Forrest City)

4A: Jacob Futrell (Pocahontas)

Finalists - Gatlin Hufstedler (Westside), C.J. Henry (Brookland), and Tre Howe (Gosnell)

3A: Colton Watson (Hoxie)

Finalists - Brady Jones (Manila), Quaylon Estell (Osceola), and Autry Allen (Earle)

2A: Spencer Reeves (Cedar Ridge)

Finalists - Malik Monk (EPC), Alteeno Sain (Riverside), and Allen Buchanan (Marked Tree)

1A: Colman Evans (Hillcrest)

Finalists - Tyson Oliver (Bay), Jacob Roark (Concord), Trenton Hatman (ICC), and Remi Lively (Calico Rock)

2013 Girls Fastbreak Superteam

Coach of the Year: James Halitzka (Weiner)

Finalists - Jay Cook (Paragould), Tim Hawkins (Valley View), Jared Richey (Brookland), Rick Smith (Marmaduke), Judy Watson (Rivercrest), and Stan Fowler (BIC)

7A/6A: Brittnee Broadway (Searcy)

Finalists - Raquel Williams (Jonesboro), Katie Kapler (Mountain Home) and Raquel Logan (West Memphis)

5A: Sydney Layrock (Paragould)

Finalists - Lexi Beliew (Nettleton), Brandi Mize (GCT), and Jamie Jackson (Beebe)

4A: Ashleigh Guthrie (Valley View)

Finalists - Samantha Flowers (Brookland), Tyrena Friar (Newport), and Devrie Attendorn (Heber Springs)

3A: Emily Cook (Manila)

Finalists - Damonique Brown (Rivercrest), Karlie Gillihan (Melbourne), Markie Seay (Mountain View), and Katie Scheffler (Corning)

2A: Brittany Fowler (BIC)

Finalists - Whitley Boggs (Marmaduke), Pooh-nu Perry (Marked Tree), Kenzley Wilson (Riverside), and Haley Hix (Cedar Ridge)

1A: Kaci Mack (Weiner)

Finalists - Hannah Willard (Bay), Lindsey Crews (Hillcrest), and Savannah Skidmore (Calico Rock)