Cinderella Prom Program benefits community

Bald Knob, AR (KAIT) - Twany Wire had the idea of helping girls in her community with all the primping and purchasing that comes along with prom.

"I was just laying in bed one night couldn't sleep and thought well what if I had a whole bunch of them," said Wire.

The idea of Cinderella's Prom began, helping girls prepare for prom from eleven different high schools in the area.

"It's free prom dress rentals, it's completely cost free, no deposit," Wire said.

Wire has gone above and beyond by contributing all the necessities it takes to look prom perfected.

"Usually I just set up the appointment, they do the fitting, they pick out something that fits really well I try to do shoes as well and jewelry. I do have a few hair certificates to get their hair done as well." Wire said.

Although, the dresses and certificates are donated, Wire still helps with more than just renting out the perfect dress.

"I do everything else out of pocket. I clean the dresses, I pay for a lot of people to come here. I give them gas money to come here to do their fittings and bring them their dresses," Wire said.

She says the best part of the whole program is knowing she can help girls in her community experience the best parts of preparing for prom.

"I'm happy that we can find something designer, something that fits well, something that looks awesome for them to go to prom in and be and be excited about it," Wire said.

If you are interested in donating to Cinderella's closet please contact Twany Wire at (501) 283-2130 or message her on the Cinderella's Closet facebook page.

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