Memphis church uses new app to rate preacher

(WMC-TV) - A Hickory Hill area church has a new app and a new way of communicating with members. Many members think it is making it the church of the future.

Minutes after Sunday services ended at Jesus People Church this weekend, members were able to go to their phones and computers and click on their church's new app.

It allows them to fill out surveys that tells the minister everything from whether they liked the service to how they feel about how the church's operations.

"So it helps me target our weaknesses and turn our weaknesses into strengths," said minister Gerald Kiner.

Kiner introduced his church to their new app several days ago.

It allows members to make their comments anonymously. Kiner said one thing he has learned so far is that members want to see more activities for the large number of young people who attend services.

Kiner is already seeing improvements being made from information on the app. He said it is giving his members a new attitude, because they feel more like what they say actually matters.

"And be able to communicate directly to our pastor, directly to our ministers, people of leadership. It's been an awesome addition," said member Kimberly Adams.

A self described computer geek. Pastor Kiner taught government at Melrose High School for 16 years. He has also authored five books.

He said those experiences helped him understand how important it is that church members feel empowered.

"Because if you know these things, then you can structure your strategic plan to enhance your ministry. And its all about enhancing your ministry for Christ," said Kiner.

If you would like to see Jesus People Church's new app just, click here.

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