Unanimous vote pumps more money into completion of Bono Lake

Bono Lake project
Bono Lake project

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Four million dollars has already been pumped into it and yet it still sits dry.

The Bono Lake Project has been in the works since June of 2007 when Craighead County residents voted to impose a temporary 1 cent sales tax over a three month period. That sales tax was set to raise $4 million to complete the lake, which would serve as both a solution to flooding in that area as well as a recreational and fishing spot for Northeast Arkansas.

Though $120,000 remains in the account dedicated to the lake project, most of that money has already been promised to other expenses. Leaving a little less than $6,000 in the account for the lake project.

Contractors estimate it will take another roughly half million dollars to complete. During Monday night's Quorum Court meeting, justices of the peace decided unanimously to move forward with the completion of the six year old project, approving an appropriation to fund it.

The push for the decision on whether or not Bono Lake should be completed was spurred from a special finance meeting last week.

Justice of the Peace, Bob Blankenship explained that committee members felt the project has already taken too long to complete.

"It was noted that the critical element at this time is to move forward and get the project completed this year, without any further delays," Blankenship told the full court.

It was a sentiment that carried over into the meeting on April 8th.

Justices of the peace as well as those in attendance felt that this project just needed to be finished.

"Get it done, appropriate the money needed to finish it," Justice of the Peace, Ken Stacks said.

However, it won't be completed without added costs.

"I make a motion to appropriate $471,000 to continue on with the construction and completion of the Bono Lake under the judge's close supervision," Justice Michael Hawkins said.

The motion was seconded by Justice Kevin Hoke.

The hope is the lake will be completed by the end of this year.

The most recent step made in completing Bono Lake was installing a slurry wall that would cut pressure off from the upside of the lake.. The next step will be to dig a sand drain.

Region 8 News will keep you updated on the progress of the project.

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