Police: Possible police imposter in Pocahontas

POCAHONTAS, AR (KAIT) - On Highway 115 in Pocahontas, a woman said she had been pulled over to have her car searched but it wasn't until after the search that the driver became suspicious of the stop.

"He asked her a couple questions and inquired about searching the car," said Pocahontas Police Chief Cecil Tackett.

Law enforcement officers believed it was not a legitimate traffic stop after the incident was reported. The Chief said he had reasons to believe it was not a real officer by the procedures that took place during the stop.

"The problem I got with it was the person had no flash light in her statement which you got to have a flash light to search a car," said Tackett.

The supposed officer also failed to follow through with one procedure all officers are to follow when searching a vehicle.

"He turned the over heads off which are to stay on during the stop, before the stop and until the stop clears," said Tackett.

Tackett said there are ways to make sure that when getting pulled over, the stop is legitimate.

"Call 911 to verify with local 911 dispatch that someone is behind them that's making a stop and dispatch could advice them that is a police officer," said Tackett.

Because the so-called-officer looked the part, the driver proceeded to allow the imposter to continue the search.

"She did say there was a uniform involved," said Tackett.

The imposter was said to be a male, around 5'7 with a dark goatee and buzz cut. If you have any information on the fake officer you are urged to call Randolph County Sheriff's Department at 892-8888.

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