Job openings are highest in 5 years, but fewer are qualified

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Last month job openings reached its highest level in 5 years. Part of that is because employers are purposely not filling those positions because applicants are not qualified.

Steve Clayton is the Director at the Valley View Adult Education Center and said their focus is getting people ready for those jobs when they become available.

"So important that you get the highest level of degree that you can before you go into the job market," said Clayton.

For those who turn to the Valley View Adult Education Center, it's about moving in the right direction and getting what they need to further their education.

"This day and age it's becoming more and more of a white collar world. A GED or diploma is almost mandatory to get into the work force," Clayton said.

Clayton said there are jobs available in North East Arkansas but it's about meeting the qualifications to obtain those jobs.

"There's a plant opening in Mississippi County. The biggest thing now is to get the qualifications you need and get those in place. As far as finding a job there are numerous jobs opportunities out there for qualified individuals," Clayton said.

He stresses the importance of a diploma or something equivalent because more and more jobs require it.

"Some kind of paper saying you are certified of owning some kind of diploma of some sort," Clayton said.

When it comes to better pay and a higher level position, it's what comes after the high school diploma that counts

"It's becoming more necessary to have a college degree to get a good job," Clayton said.

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