Sheriff: City of Jacksonport files report over missing money

JACKSON COUNTY, AR (KAIT) – The Jackson County Sheriff'sDepartment is trying to track down some missing money.

The money in question was reportedly taken from city fundsin Jacksonport, but investigators say it's not the only local town facing thisproblem.

Fewer than 300 people live in Jacksonport, a town now tryingto solve a mystery about its finances.

Mayor Marcus Dodson contacted the sheriff's office on April2 after he reportedly noticed some money missing from several city accounts.

"We talked to the mayor. We looked at some of their bankstatements and stuff," Sheriff David Lucas said. "At that point we know that wewere going to have to have an audit done to determine, number one, if money wasmissing [and] number two, if money was missing, how much is missing."

Sheriff Lucas says his investigators are unsure how much mayhave been taken, so they are now waiting to see what the Arkansas Division ofLegislative Audit will find.

"We do know it was reported to us that it was a considerableamount," he said. "We just don't know exactly how much, and I'd really not liketo speculate on it until that audit is complete."

When the audit will be completed exactly is unclear, sodeputies are conducting additional interviews in the meantime.

"Once we determine through the audit how much money ismissing," the sheriff said, "then we get with the prosecuting attorney's officeto see which route we need to take as far as if any charges are to be filed,what charges are to be filed and so forth."

The sheriff's office began a separate, but very similarinvestigation several months ago.

State auditors have yet to issue their report into the townof Weldon's finances because it apparently has an unknown amount of moneymissing, too.

"We should be wrapping that one up before long, hopefully,"Lucas said. "That audit report is still not back yet."

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