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Jonesboro -- Heather Flanigan Reports

Students Excited About First Day of School

August 19, 2004 -- Posted at 10:30 a.m. CDT

JONESBORO -- Many students across Region 8 rolled out of bed Thursday morning for the first day of school.  There's nothing like the first day of school.  New school clothes, backpacks and supplies, and for the Jonesboro High School...a new renovation.

Assistant Principal Lisa James, "We've had a lot of building changes this year, renovations that are going to be wonderful and we're looking forward to that."

Senior Bryn Carter said, "It's pretty cool. They always be treating us right, I mean so it's good teachers and staff and everything else, so it's all right."

The new classrooms and facilities have both teachers and students ready for school.  There are some big changes since the nearly $2 million dollar project started earlier this year.

Sophomore English teacher Jennifer Brand says she's just happy to have a classroom with walls.

"I'm so excited, we have doors and electrical outlets and walls, so it's going to be a lot nicer for the students," said Brand.

Junior Kyla Sigmon said, "I think it's nice cause it was overdue, we needed it. It's going to be quieter because the English department, it was loud in there and now we've got enclosed doors and stuff so I just think it's good."

Both students and administrators say they've actually been looking forward to the first day of school.

"They're excited. We've had several students to come up early to get parking and lockers and they're all just ready to come back. For some reason this year they are more ready to come back," said James.

"It looks great. The kids are excited about being back which is always good for us. That makes our jobs easier. So, a lot of enthusiasm," said Brand.

And if you're a student counting down the days until summer vacation next year.... there’s only a short 177 more days left.



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