Westside Students See Fresh Faces on First Day of School

August 19, 2004 -- Posted at 10:39 a.m. CDT

JONESBORO -- The busses are ready, classrooms decorated and the hallway floors freshly waxed.  It's time for school!  When students at Westside High return to class they will be seeing some new faces in the hallways.

"We have a ton of new employees on campus this year. We have 25 new certified classified employees this year. And a good portion of our coaching staff is new this year. We have a new philosophy and a new attitude and a lot of positive things to look forward to this year," said Superintendent Dr. James Best.

And not just new teachers and students, Westside also has a new superintendent. Best joined the school earlier this summer.

"I've never been anywhere before where superintendents work as closely with neighboring school districts as they do here," said Best.

Later this year, students can expect to see some changes around campus. The school is building a new physical education building, which should be completed around Christmas.

"It's an air conditioned gymnasium and classrooms, hardwood maple floor. A better facility than what I had when I was a child growing up to play scholastic sports in," laughed Best, "This is going to be a physical education building, so we're really proud of that."

And as for the start of a new year, Dr. Best says both he and the faculty are ready.

"We have really good people here, good employees, and when the kids come to school on the first day, they'll do the job, their professionals," said Best.