'Mock Drill' teaches students dangers of drinking/texting while driving

MANILA, AR (KAIT) – Multiple law enforcement and emergencyresponders were dispatched to Manila High School this afternoon to givestudents a dose of reality.

A mock drill was staged on the high school football field.

In this scene, a student had been drinking with fellow classmatesafter prom.

Getting behind the wheel under the influence and texting, he hit afamily of four head on.

The entire high school watched as emergency responders and lawenforcement agencies struggled to save the lives of the people in front ofthem.

Officer Jared Camp is withthe Manila Police Department and he says this program is necessary with howyoung drivers are developing today

"The number of accidentswith high school kids involved is steadily on the increase, especially withtechnology and all the new phones, smart phones and everything.  Everybody's texting and not paying attention",says Camp.

Lindsey Lee is a sophomoreat Manila High School and she says she learned a lot from the fake accident.

"It opened my eyes not todrink and drive or get in the car with anybody that's been drinking and drivingand to watch out for other people that driving while drinking", Lee says.

This event was acollaborative effort between the Manila Police and Fire Departments, theMississippi and Lawrence County Sheriff's Departments, Arkansas Game and Fish,Arkansas State Police, Emerson Ambulance, Air Evac and Hospital Wing.

Officer Camp says if theysave just one life. . .This event was worth it.

Today's mock accident was a collaborative effort between severallaw enforcement and emergency response

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