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Cement truck crashes into funeral procession, kills woman

(WMC-TV) - A woman was killed traveling in a funeral procession when a cement truck crashed into two other vehicles Saturday afternoon, according to police.

Police said the cement truck driver did not notice the traffic ahead of him was stopped for the procession at Third Street and Shelby Drive in South Memphis. He was unable to stop in time and lost control of the cement truck.

"Before I could say no or stop, the truck had already flipped on top of the car," said witness Catreisa Johnson. "I ran straight to the truck. I grabbed her by her hand, told her that, squeeze my hand if you hear me talking to you. But she didn't squeeze my hand."

The cement truck struck the rear of a gray Nissan Maxima and fell over on top of a red Chevy Colorado.

A 49-year-old woman who was in the red Chevy was killed at the scene.

"It was very sad and 'emotion,'" said Johnson.

Joe Pulliam said his son, Joe Pulliam the third and his grandson were driving the Nissan. When he arrived on the scene, he couldn't believe the boys made it out alive.

"I sent him to the service station to get some gas so we could work on the yard and they called me and tell me 'daddy we in a bad accident, we almost got killed,'" he said.

The two were sent to the hospital after the accident, but have been released.

"Devastating, and look at the cars and see how blessed they are, they had an angel riding with them. God was in their corner today," said Pulliam.

There was a lengthy cleanup process because the truck was carrying concrete which got on the street.

Police are still investigating. It is unclear if any charges will be filed against the cement truck driver.

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