Consolidation Means New Classmates For Area School

Day one is in the books and officials say all is well after theLynn and River Valley School Districts consolidated to become the Hillcrest Consolidated School District.

Over the summer officials focused on making sure the transition was smooth for students.  It looks like their plan worked as the first day was relatively pain free.

It was the first day of school, however, in Lynn and Strawberry.  And first days never go according to planned according to school officials.  Superintendent Greg Crabtree says he was surprised his phone didn’t ring until shortly after five this morning.  Before first bell he found himself dealing with several problems ranging from digging crews to even driving one of the mornings school busses.  “There isn’t a day where we don’t think of something or see something new.” Crabtree said.

While today was the first day of school the district had already consolidated a few teams over the summer.  The Hillcrest softball team even celebrated an undefeated season.  Whitney Penn played on the undefeated team and says the change is about as easy as hitting a hanging curve ball.  “I don’t really know where things are at are how things are going to be,” she says, “but I will be OK.”  Softball teammate and new senior classmate Cassie Huskey described the new district as simply “neat.”

For officials the main problem is associated with changing signs and books.  The school is paying thousands in order to purchase used books.  Hardly any of the old textbooks were compatible forcing officials to purchase about six years of books in one year.  School signs, athletic jerseys, and floor tiles also have to be changed out.