Police give tips on how to spot a fake check

KENNETT, MO (KAIT) - On Monday Kennett Police Officers received a call from a local convenient store claiming they had received phony paychecks. However, it wasn't until another pay check came in that the store owner got suspicious.

"A little bit later somebody else had come in with a second check and that's when he got suspicious and called the police department," said Lt. Tim Trowbridge.

Lt. Trowbridge said similar situations can happen just about anywhere that cashes paychecks but these pretend paychecks seem to make their way to specific locations.

"A grocery store, a convenient store and pawn shops," said Lt. Trowbridge.

With easy access to everything needed to make a fake paycheck, it's important to take every precaution to keep from getting fooled.

"Get the actual telephone number from the bank that says the check is from and call that number. Sometimes we've found that they'll print these checks out and put a real bank on there but they'll give a fake number," said Trowbridge.

Asking for specific details can also show signs of a red flag. Many times the phony paycheck will have a fake name.

"Ask for a photo ID of the individual that helps us a whole lot," said Lt. Trowbridge.

Even if you're in a hurry it's best to check everything. A fake check can end up taking real cash.

"Take the time to call the bank that's on the check and verify that it is a good account," said Lt. Trowbridge.

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