Security for local events evaluated after Boston bombing

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)- In the wake of the Boston Marathon bombing Monday, local police are re-evaluating their security measures when it comes to local events.

Chief Michael Yates with the Jonesboro Police Department said although they usually don't see crowds that big hefeels the local police are prepared.

"From a practical standpoint, with large events it'sreally impossible to completely sterilize large areas," Yates said. "And nobody not even the federalgovernment really has the resources to makes something like a marathon 26 mileslong absolutely safe."

It's the day after the bombings at the Boston Marathon thatleft 3 dead and over 170 people injured. The bombs went off during the finishline of a 26 mile race.  Yates said the big crowds usually show up to sporting events.

"Locally we do some things with our athletic events andthings like that but it's a little more controlled environment," he said.

Yates said although it is difficult to do, there are ways to make a location more secure.

"To make a location absolutely sterile, you have to do theinitial sweep and then you have to control and maintain anybody that entersback into that area," Yates said.

He said he feels the local police have undergone thenecessary training when it comes to any type of attacks or emergencies.

"We have done significant anti-terrorism training and incidentcommand training," he said.

"What we try to do is put our efforts in on the front end sowe know what to do and how to respond when we do have incidents of that nature."

Yates is no stranger to horrific public acts of violence. Hewas among the law enforcement in Atlantaduring the 1996 Olympic Games when a bomb went off killing one and injuringover a hundred.

"What I recall is trying to get over the initial shock of itand from a law enforcement perspective, try to figure out what to do, and whatto do next," Yates said.

He said terrorists attacks like on Monday are not alwaysmeant to kill large numbers.

"You just have toconsider when you have act of terrorism, the goal not necessarily always tosee, to kill the most people that you can but to instill that fear and todisrupt people's lives," he said.

He said all anyone can do is continue to live their lives.

"If you see something suspicious or of concern , report itand live your life and don't let it get to you," Yates said.

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