Clerk's office "going postal" after mailer flub two years ago

CRAIGHEAD COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - A voting mailer that's supposed to be mailed out every odd year is causing a bit of extra work for the Craighead County Clerk's Office.

Within the next week, roughly 35% of Craighead County voters can expect to receive the mailer that confirms voter information.
"It only affects people who have had a name change, an address change, or anything like that," County Clerk, Kade Holliday explained. "Or if they haven't voted in the past two previous general elections."
However, he said normally the clerk's office should only have to send out about 15% of these mailers. Half of what they're sending out now.
"We're dealing with probably double the numbers we would. It seems it wasn't executed in the 2011 year so our numbers are a little bit higher," Holliday explained.
He said now, the clerk's office is working on getting 21,000 voting directives in the mail and trying to save money doing so.
"We're dealing with double cost right now, luckily it's, we're dealing with it in the budget. We're not going to have to worry about going over budget," Holliday said.
Though the office is having to send out double what they should, Holliday said by using business reply mail, they're only paying 9 cents a stamp in order to save money.
"So we're able to save the county some money there," Holliday said. "It is costing the county more than it normally would, however we're trying to save any way we possibly can."
Residents need not worry though, Holliday said. To send the mailer back to the clerk's office is free and will only take a couple of minutes of your time.
"If we don't receive these back from these people, there's a chance they'll have to re-register to vote to be eligible to vote in the next election cycle."
Doing so will also help the county in the long run in. Holliday said this is in case they have to change or combine voting precincts.
"This just basically gives us some really good data to make sure everyone is perfectly aware of those changes," he explained.
If you don't receive a mailer, but want to check your voting status, you can go to
You can also visit the Craighead County Clerk's Office Facebook or Twitter pages.
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